1000 Lire - Europe

Circulation dates and Values

Update 2010. Values are in Euro.
DateMintage x1000RarityValue  VFValue  XFValue  UNC
1997bincluded aboveC0,520,522
Read about values in Ialian Coins page.

Diameter:26,8 mm
Metals: Bimetallic
Weight: 8,9 g
Mint: Rome

This nice coin was minted in the years you see on the left. Difficult to found are: 2001.
The new coin, struck from the beginning of September, was to celebrate the growing unification of Europe by showing a map of Europe. The map was made in a stylistic way; Denmark was shown as part of Germany. East Germany was left off of Germany. The Netherlands was part of Belgium! After receiving diplomatic protests Italy quickly introduced a corrected version of the coin, other million new coins was struck only during the last few weeks of the year. Mintage is high for two types: 1997 wrong map and 1997 correct map

Alternate ruled and smooth border




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