200 Lire

Circulation dates and Values

Update 2010. Values are in Euro.
DateMintage x1000RarityValue  VFValue  XFValue  UNC

1980 sp48.500C0,512

1981 sp45.207,6C0,512
1990 sp64.500C0,40,82
1992 sp100.000C0,40,82
1993 sp170.000C0,40,82
1994 sp200.000C0,40,81,5
1996 sp200.000C0,20,51
1997 sp400.000C0,20,51
1999 sp400.000C0,525
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Diameter: 24 mm
Metals: Bronzital = Bronze alloy
Weight: 5 g

(Km# 105): The woman you see on the fron side is an allegorical portrait. On the Reverse there is an industrial gear symbol of labour.

This coin was minted in the years you see on the left. Difficult to found are: none.

Ruled border

(Km# 107): 1980 International woman's year. On the coin there is the portrait of Maria Montessori (born Aug. 31,1879 d. May 6,1952). She created a new educational  system that bearers her name, based on belief in the child's creative potential and his right to be treated as an individual.
On the Reverse there is the woman's year emblem; woman who studies a botanic book, with a child on her shoulders and a spade at her feet.
(Km#109): 1981 World Food Day, the palace is  Villa Lubin, the former International Agricultural Institute building.
The woman is holding a cornucopia, symbol of abundance.
(Km# 130): 1989 Taranto Naval Yards' centennial. The allegorical portrait is the same as the one on 200 lire normal type.
The coin shows Taranto's military harbor, one of Italy's most imoportant sea ports. Taranto is a city situated in southern Italy (Puglia).
(Km#135): 1990 Centennial of the institution of Section IV of the State Council.
The State Council is a Constitutional Authority which has two functions: the first is to give juridical and administrative advice to the Public Administration; the second is to decide  most cases  between citizens and Public Administration. The institution of  Section IV provided the State Council with Judicial powers, so that citizens could appeal to an independent judge, while previously disputes with the Public Administration were settled by the same Administration.
The Building shown on the rev. is Palazzo Spada in Rome.
(Km# 151): 1992 Genova World Philatelic Exposition.
(KM# 155): 1993 70 anniversary of Military Aviation.
On the reverse we can see the Military Aviation Emblem.
(KM # 164): ND 1994 Carabinieri's 180 anniversary.
On the reverse there is the Carabinieri's emblem.
(KM # 184): ND 1996 100th anniversary of the Customs Service Academy. The two bildings are the Academy's building in Bergamo and the Royal Palace of Caserta.
On the reverse the coin have the Academy's emblem, cadet's short sword and cap.
(KM # 188): ND 1997 Centennial Italian Naval League
The reverse represents the Italian Naval League seal.
(KM # 218): 1999 30th anniversary of Carabinieri's Service for the protection of artistic patrimony. The reverse shows carabinieri's emblem and Donatello's David. Donatello (1386-1466) was one of the most important artists of the Italian Renaissance. The bronze statue of David, is considered his masterpiece. It was the first large-scale free standing nude statue since Roman times. At first it was placed in the courtyard of Medici palace in Florence. After the Medici were expelled, the statue was placed in the courtyard of Palazzo Vecchio (the town hall).
The choice of the David was criticized by some, but if you go in Piazza della Signoria you'll always found a Carabinieri's car that are guarding the square.



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