Vitt. Emanuele III 10 Cent Empire

1936 XIV Cu
1937 XV Cu
1938 XVI Cu
1939 XVII Cu
1939 XVII
1940 XVIII
1941 XIX
1942 XX
1943 XXI

Diameter:22,5 mm
from 1936 to 1939 Copper (Cu), from 1939 to 1943 Bronze.
5 g

This coin was minted in the years you see on the left. Difficult to found are: 1936.
rom 1936 to 1939 (included) the coins where minted in Copper (Cu) the colour is a bit red because of a small quantity of tin and zinc, from 1939(included) the coin are of Bronze (Copper, aluminium, zinc) and the colour tend to be a bit yellow.
The coin was minted for the proclamation of the Empire.

  Smooth border

Difference of color between the coin of copper and the one in bronze

The copper coin, when circulated that a very nice black coloration.


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