Vitt. Emanuele III 20 Cent

Circulation dates and Values

Update 2013. Values are in Euro.
DateMintage x1000RarityValue  VFValue  XFValue  UNC
1918 rincludedR560150
1919 rincludedR570170
"r" menas ruled border
Read about values in Ialian Coins page.

Diameter:21,5 mm
Metals: Nickel and Copper
Weight: 4 g

This coin was minted in the years you see on the left. Difficult to found are: 1918 r and 1919 r. The r means ruled border-
This coin where minted over 20 Cents 1894 and 1895 of Umberto I. In some coins is still possible to see the previous coin. It is possible to see an exemple in this page.

Ruled border and smooth border

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