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Country: USA
Bad Collector: Greg Sigalov .
1815 West John St Champaign, IL 61821 USA
Reported by: Frans Hellendall, The Netherlands: "Be warned for buying coins from Greg Sigalov (of Coins I payed for with insured shipment never arrived and mr. Sigalov does not react to e-mails."

Country: SPAIN
Bad Collector: Laura Blanco Perez - Atenea Mendez Farinas - Hugo Blanco - Maria Mendez
e-mail: - - - -
Addr1:Concepcion Mojon Arias
C/Pero Meogo N?5 4?Izq.
32004 Ourense (Espa?a)
C/ PERO MEOGO, N?5 - 4? IZQ   
Reported in: 2010
Reported by: Attilacoins: "We agreed to swap coins last November 2010. I've sent many euro coins to her in the 5th of november by registered mail. After I've counicate the registred number she stopped to write me and the coins are NOT arrived."
Reported in 2012:
Reported by: Edwin Gilliland: "I have been swindled by the following person(s) and would like to warn everyone i can so they are not swindled as well. I gave her several months and several e mails she has not responded to any of my email since I sent my coins to her and her husband. Her name is Atenea Mendez Farinas and her husbands (she claims this is her husband) name is Hugo Blanco. Their address is [above addr] (where I sent the coins anyhow). The way I see it he has to be in on it also so I'm going to put him on black lists as well, maybe I will get some kind of responce out of one or both of them. I just sent them a nasy bit of my mind in an email which I'm sure will get no responce. she gave me this "tracking" number for my package she said she was sending RR591874075ES.
Reported in 2012:
Reported by: Francisco from Brasil (GRABENWEGER): "I had the same problem with Hugo Blanco. I sent banknotes to him and he never sent me the coins he promised. The address is the same you indicated and the e-mail he used that time was
When I informed the collectors I use to make swaps about this guy, I got the information that another Brazilian collector also had problem with him.
Another collector from USA had problems with Maria Mendez, which I am sure that is another name used by Atenea.
In the above 2 cases the coins/banknotes were sent to the address you indicated.
Reported in 2012:
Reported by: Mikel Markijana: "Greetings from Catalonia.
Please, take care with all collectors who live in Ourense, this swindler has several names like:

Concepcion Mojon Arias
C/Pero Meogo N?5 4?Izq.
32004 Ourense (Espa?a)

C/ PERO MEOGO, N?5 - 4? IZQ   

Maria Luisa Ochoa Mendez
C/Pero Meogo No5 4?izq,
3204 Ourense SPAIN
And another addresses with another names from this city.
He/she also was present in forums like Colnet with nicknames (now deactivated) ?alispilfo? , ?Thiago00? and ?marior?.
Is not the first time this happens and I think this hustler will try it again, my advice about this matter is to search references on the net or, if you?ve closed a swap with him/her, don?t send the parcel first.

ATTENTION: Use different names and addr from Ourrence

Bad swappers divided by country

Bad Collector: Ezequiel Pailos
BOX 88, 1417 - Capital Federal Argentina
Reported by: Oleg Efimov : "
who received coins from me a year and a half ago, did write me once he would send me cards in exchange, and then has kept dead silence for 10 months - despite my numerous faxes. He says he does not know how to speak English, but I give him a Spanish translation in parallel by Google, which must be understandable. Besides, what can I write about but asking for phone cards he owes me? That's all despite our meeting in Buenos Aires. At the time, he did not look like a swindler"

Bad Collector: Angel Merluzzi Amoros
Jujuy 185
San Miguel de Tucuman - Tucuman
CP 4000
Reported in: 2010
Reported by: Omar Carnevali: "In August of this year,  Angel Merluzzi Amoros (Argentina) contacted me to swap coins.  We agreed to send the coins together. I have send my coins, but I didn?t received his coins."

Country: ARMENIA
Bad Collector: GABRIELYAN Erik.
N.Stefanyan b.1., app.20
Askeran region
ASKERAN - 375000
Republic ARMENIA
Reported by: Tim(londoneast123): "
He is dishonest and a thief. We had agreed to swap coins and I sent him almost
$200 worth of coins. He advised me that he had sent me his coins, and provided
me with a false registration number. He never sent the coins and has since
refused to communicate with me."
Reported by: Alain.Chaleard: "I sent the coins and I have received nothing in return, and of course that person will not answer to emails."
Reported by: Joan Ribes: "Erik contact with me for an swap, and I agree to send him over 300$ in
spanish silver coins. 2 months later, I dont know nothing about this collector, dont reply me my mails, I dont have the coins promised."

Country: ARMENIA
Bad Collector: Harutunyan Norayr
Reported by: Marco e Cristina of Grandoblone Group

Country: ARMENIA
Bad Collector: Marat Hasratyan Ruslanovich.
Ct. Stepanakert , 375010
St. Gaya  001
Reported by: ra?l guerrero ortiz: "I sent to Marat a good quantity of coind about 80 days ago............and not received the coins from Marat, and not received answer by e-mail from Marat."

Reported by: Francisco (frangondi at "He ripped me off with my trickery and deceit a batch of coins amounting to
187 $, you can imagine the love I feel for him.
I offered several opportunities to consider and change its attitude and has not replied to any of my messages".
NOTE: he is also in several good collector list. ASK to send the coins before.

Bad Collector: Saud Al Faisal
House#27, Rd# 9, Sec# 4 - Uttara, - Dhaka 1230 - BANGLADESH
Reported by: Attilacoins: "In July 2003, after agreement, I've sent to him euro paper money and I never got the coins that he promised to me."

Country: BELIZE
Bad Collector: SANTOS NAH
(LANSA Member 1493)
Santos Nah
P. O. Box 82
Orange Walk Town
Central America
Reported by: jignesh : "I had sent him 30$ and in return he had agreed to send me notes and coins from belize.but i got only some coins last week..still i have not got any notes from him.also he hardly replies to my mail and wrongly says that he has got the slip which confirms the delivery..when asked to send its scan copy he hasnt sent it yet..i want you all to be careful before trading with him"

Country: BRASIL
Bad Collector:
Reported by: politia_sangria: "
I sent the registred letter to him on 22.11.2007. After that he never replied to my email and i didn't received the coins he promised."

Country: BRASIL
Bad Collector: Joao Silveira Junior
Reported by: Andrea Scarpellini : "Nel dicembre 2004 gli ho spedito alcune banconote, senza tuttora ricevere le monete da lui promesse. Inoltre non ha mai risposto alle mie e-mail. Inizialmente ero tranquillo perch? lui era inserito in alcune "good trader list", successivamente ho scoperto che ? inserito anche in due "bad trader list"."

Country: CILE
Bad Collector: Daniel Sepulveda Rios
vari indirizzi mail
Reported by: Marco of Grandoblone Group: "Avevo trovato il suo nome tra i buoni collezionisti nel sito dell'Estone Mart Pais; abbiamo fatto uno scambio ma non mi ha mai spedito le monete e ha cambiato indirizzo mail. Successivamente ho saputo che ha imbrogliato anche altra gente. Adesso avviser? Mart Pasi di togliere il suo nome dalla lista dei Good traders."

Country: CUBA
Bad Collector: Nestor Gonzalez
Reported in: 2010
Reported by: Iv?n Angiono: "We agreed to swap coins from Cuba (and some few from another countries) by some banknotes and coins from Argentina (and other countries), and to send at the same time because we had friends in common. I sent the letter to a Nestor's friend because he told me about the problem to send many letters to the same address in Cuba. Some days after that he told me he needed to send the coins in two letters in order not to be suspicious (it is forbidden to send coins in Cuba), and gave me a letter's registration number. Until this point all sounded good. But then he stopped to write me. He has never given me a second number, he didn't say me if he receive the letter and his letter hasn't entered to Argentina. Some weeks ago he answered me that he liked to solve the problems, but he didn't answer if he has sent the second letter (I doubt moreover if he sent the first one) and if he has received the letter, and then disappeared again. He was a good trader for some people but he was really a bad trader for me"

Country: INDIA
Bad Collector: O.M. SARAVANAN,
No: 5, Cholan street,
P.H. Road, Manavala  Nagar,
Reported by: Giacomo Tessaro of Grandoblone Group: "Offre molte monete di stati indiani e india coloniale. Non ha mai spedito le monete."

Country: IRAQ
Bad Collector:
Reported by: ?o? Uro?
from Slovenia: "He found me and ask if I am interested to swap coins and banknotes with him.
I sent him coins and banknotes which worth about 100 USD. There were also silver coins and many unc notes.
He promised me many silver coins from Iraq.
After sending him my coins and notes I didn't get any reply. He didn't respond on my messages. After 2 months he wrote me that he received my letter more than month ago.
At leat he sent me letter after half year. But all important coins were missing. Coins that he sent me worth about 20 USD, coins which I sent him 100 USD.
When I was trying to get what he stole me, he didn't answer my messages and asked me to not send him messages anymore. His big swindler."

Country: MALTA (may be also Ivory cost - Costa D'Avorio)
Bad Collector:
: mr, Gibert Bell.
Reported by: Giuliano from Italy: "dopo sei mesi d'invalidit? mi sono rimesso completamente. Stavo trattando per l'acquisto di monete africane, non potendo scrivere personalmente lo faceva mia figlia per me.
Truffa come questa mi ha allibito. Chiedo ed ottengo che lui spedisca le monete ed al suo ricevimento io pagher?. Dopo diverse insistenze e avermi mandato il numero di spedizione delle stesse; tramite la Western Union spedisco 169 Euro ad un nome da lui dettomi ma con una passaword che solo al momento del ricevimento effettivo avrei comunicato per prendere il denaro. Dopo molte mail dove mi diceva che lui aveva spedito e non riceveva il denaro mia figlia gli comunica la passaword.
Ringrazia per il ricevimento del denaro e da allora non risponde pi?.
Ho fatto scrivere ad un altro ed ha risposto immmediatamente. Ora questo porco scrive nel modo indicato sotto: Finge di scrivere al ladro proponendo la vendita.
Vorrei che tu avvertissi il gruppo di questo ladro e scrivere delle mail di richiesta, potete anche raccontare quello che ha fatto a me.."
Reported by:
Baik(francesco Pasquali) from Italy.

Country: OMAN
Bad Collector: Nasr K. Al Raisi.
P.O. Box: 2330 CPO
PC #: 111
Through facebook (LocalyteOman)
Reported by: Lajos K.: "He sent much less banknotes what was the deal he say he sent all and he think it was thiefed by post officers.
One Iranian collector say later in the Facebook he experience was the same with this Omanian person.
This my second swap in this year where dissappear banknotes from the closed envelope first was from Paraguay.
Possible from some countries post offices are not realaible and stolen the current banknotes from the envelopes ? I dont know only I know I lost my money and no any compensation."

Country: PARAGUAY and Ciudad de Pcia R. S?enz Pe?a (CHACO)
Reported by: Graziela Zakidalski

Country: PERU
Bad Collector: Francisco Rodriguez Villarreal
Jr. Trujillo Sur N? 1148, Urb. San Miguel
Chosica. Lima 15
Reported in: 2011
Reported by: Zdravko B.: "I send gim coins for 180 USD. I received confirmation that he received my coins, after i have nothing. Just ignoring my e-mails."

Country: PERU
Bad Collector: Erick REYES.
Calle Santa Paula 561
Urbanizaci?n Pando 3ra. Etapa
Lima 01
Lima - Per?
Reported by: Lajos K.: "He is a simple thief he got my coins and not sent his parts he answered for a few mail always had any problem (grandma died, travelled to Brasil, etc.) no answer last 3 mail no send coins. THIEF"

Country: POLAND
Bad Collector:
: .,
Reported by: Rodrigo Spano from Brasil: "I was contacted by this collector who said to be an experient collector with more than 5000 notes to exchange but didn't provide any swap list, just some scans from several notes. I looked for his name and email in the internet but could not find anything, including here in our group. Than, I asked if he would matter to send first and looked at his response below.
RESP:"Hallo dear Rodrigo !
Thanks for your response,but please stop to start our eventual cooperation by your doubts of my honesty because you know it well"no trusting no cooperation",OK?-thanks.
Yes i'm able to send you my other partners references,but I do it never,I have never asked the references to my partners and I send never my references,too.Have you know it that a request of this kind is not "fair" from your side because it's a prouve  that you don't trust to your future partner on a start of your cooperation?.
And so dear Rodrige  if you rally want to cooperate seriously with me ,please stop to make ma a cheat before starting our exchanging,because it's really not "fair" and unhonest,too-sorry.
But of caurse I ca send you my b/notes first,it's no probleme for me and besides that it's also not a big risck to send some b/notes from a little
sum,and so I'll do it to show you that I'm really interested in a serious and large,and honest b/notes exchanging,and also to show you that iI trust to you and I don't look with you an unhonest collector.
But first I would like to know what current b/notes can you offer to me from your country(UNC only),because from your other countries b/notes
offer-list I have them all,sorry.
If you will propose me the b/notes I need I'll send you immediatelly my b/notes first and I'll send you also the scan my "R" letter receipt.And so I think also you can try for a little sum and to send me your b/notes without waiting my "R" letter reception do not to wait too longtime for your b/notes.And you will see very soon am I a cheat or not?-but you are a free man  so you can do all you want ,you can accept my proposal or reject it-your right and your choise,OK? Best regards,Richard"

Country: ROMANIA
Bad Collector: Veronica Popescu
Alias: Mihai Pupescu, Laba Mihai Alexandru, Cristian Costantin, Alexander Ion,
(Valcea addr. See note), and other
Addr1: str. Vultureasa 46, Brezoi
245500 Valcea
BLOC A18/1, AP. 2SC. A
Reported by: Davide Paglionico, Marco F.

Country: SRI LANKA
Bad Collector: R
Assistant Secretary
Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs
Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council
New Town
Rathnapura 70000

Reported by: Francisco Gonzalez Diaz: "
Hola amigos: Tomad buena nota de este mal coleccionista y si teneis la posibilidad de inscribirle en todas las listas que circulan por ah?, mejor, podeis decir que soy yo el denunciante. Me ha estafado con malas artes 83 monedas que le envi? en Mayo, Su nombre y direcci?n es esta.  y a esta direcci?n le envi? las monedas. Puede ser que incluso est? usurpando esta personalidad para ofrecer mas confianza. Ya figura inscrito por mi en y en y seguir? inscribi?ndole en todas las p?ginas que me sea posible o que vosotros me indiqueis. Lo principal es que esteis avisados para que que no os suceda lo mismo. Cordiales saludos. Francisco."


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